Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fred Tisdale - A Scrapbook Overview

My name is Theresa and I began this blog to hopefully connect with more of my family and get caught up on my genealogy research.  I am also a digital scrapbook designer and this is one of my pages created with a scrapbooking kit I made.  You can read the particulars here if you are a scrapbooker and want to know about the product.

This photo was a complete surprise.  It is actually a tintype and fell out of some papers that my Mom had shared with me.  Neither of us knew it was there.  It is a tintype and had a note on the back with a piece of masking tape, labeling it as F.W. Tisdale during his freshman year of college at Hamline University, near St. Paul, Minnesota.

F.W. is Frederick or Fred Tisdale (Fred, George, James Sr) and he is my great grandfather born about 1871 in Fordyce, Wawanosh, Huron County, Ontario, Canada.  He died in Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Washington, USA in October 1940.  He studied at Hamline University in the 1890s to because a Methodist minister. He pastored in Minnesota, North Dakota and Washington State.  He left the pastorate to become a teacher, school principal and later school district superintendent because he felt that he could better reach and help young people that way.

The photo was a rusty tintype.  I cleaned it up for the framed photo, but wanted to leave what the tintype looks like because it is something that my children will not likely see often in their lifetime.

Another photo of Fred at university. He did take some photography courses and had fun with some experimental and gag photographs.  I suspect that this was a self portrait.  It is one of my favorite heritage photos, because it gives a glimpse into his life, what his room looked like and it's amazing to see all those photographs on the wall.  I wish I had them all (and labeled!).

Here is a photograph of Fred later in life when he was the superintendent of schools in Lake Stevens, Washington, USA. The slip of paper was written by my Grandmother Holly Tisdale Hopkins and includes some notes about her father.

Both my great grandfathers were friends.  You can see Fred on the left. These men shared a love of the outdoors and the two families often went on hiking and camping trips as well as picnics nearly every Sunday after church.

Winnifred Lucy Kirkland was the lovely bride of F.W. Tisdale.  She grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota, USA.  About 1903, she moved west with her father and brother.  They attended a small Methodist Church in Toledo, Washington, USA where Fred was the pastor.  Winnie played the organ and somehow they fell in love.  They married in 1905 and had 4 children, Holly Mabel Tisdale Hopkins (1906), Clifton K. Tisdale (1907), Homer K. Tisdale (1909) and Dorothy Winnifred Tisdale (1911).

Fred's oldest daughter Holly was my Grandmother.  She died ten years ago yesterday but left me with quite a legacy and I think of her often.

I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial/scrapbook overview of Fred Tisdale's life. In the future I hope to spend some time highlighting other Tisdale family members as well.  Thank you for stopping by.


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